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ковариантный функтор

Вот не так часто, но бывает, что прочитаешь
буквально пару параграфов какого-то сочинения и просто замираешь
от силы духа за словами.

Например тут


Понятия не имел кто такой Миша Громов, откуда, какой национальности
и вероисповедания не знаю, не слышал,
но прочел эти удивительной красоты строки и ясно - гигант мысли за ними

For instance, our physists’ description of a crystal (see below) amounts to
Kolmogorov’s theorem on dynamic entropy of Bernoulli shifts (1958) (that was
originally motivated by Shannon’s information theory, 1948). To see this, you
just need to realize that ”something” of a physicist, is a covariant functor from
a suitable ”category of protocols” to the category of sets – outcomes of experiments;
all you have to do afterwards is to follow the guidelines prescribed by
the syntax of category theory.
(Arguably, the category language, some call it ”abstract”, reflects mental
undercurrents that surface as our ”intuitive reasoning”; a comprehensive mathematical
description of this ”reasoning”, will be, probably, even farther removed
from the ”real world” than categories and functors.)

“I've come to make you into Seldon"


Was there any science fiction for him to read in Arabic? A search dating from 1972 to the present of the Index Translationem, Unesco's register of translated books, reveals a reasonable amount of classic fantastic fiction in Arabic: The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. But so far as 20th-century science fiction is concerned, a search found only two clear-cut examples: a 1985 Kuwait book which collected Ray Bradbury's Pillar of Fire and The Fog Horn and a 1988 Iraqi edition of Colin Wilson's The Mind Parasites.

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