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A Safer and Even More Effective TATB

A little molecule called 1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene, or TATB, is one of the most important materials in modern nuclear weapons. A powerful explosive, TATB is key to the detonation process in about one-third of the weapons in the nation’s stockpile. TATB is extremely difficult to detonate. As far as I know, no natural force on Earth will make it explode. TATB can be slammed into a wall or have a bullet shot through it, and it will not explode. From a safety standpoint, it has no peers as a high explosive.

TATB is especially important today. When the Soviet Union was our enemy, conventional high explosives—assuming proper handling procedures—were perfectly adequate in nuclear weapons. Today, however, our enemies are willing to sacrifice themselves to obtain materials that can inflict deadly harm on others. Our enemies are a patient lot and strive for any means to inflict terror, from “dirty” bombs to nuclear explosives. Maintaining the safety and security of our nuclear weapons is more important than ever, and TATB is central to every aspect of this mission.

The Departments of Energy and Defense both need a new source of TATB for use in remanufactured weapons. Very little TATB exists today, and none is being manufactured because of environmental regulations. As part of the Transformational Materials Initiative funded by the Laboratory Directed Research and Development Program, resourceful Livermore scientists have found just such a source.

Their solution, described in the article Dissolving Molecules to Improve Their Performance, turns out to be recycled TATB, made usable by combining old TATB with a unique solvent. Remarkably, the recycled TATB is a much more effective product than the original, with better crystal quality, size, shape, and purity. And the new product is less expensive to manufacture than the cost to purchase TATB out of shrinking stores.

Recycled TATB is even more important for the Department of Defense, which consumes millions of pounds of high explosives every year in all kinds of conventional weapons. Today, TATB is used only occasionally in certain munitions because of its expense. However, a cheaper TATB and one that is safer to boot could bring about its use in a far broader range of conventional weapons.


Мощное термостойкое взрывчатое вещество
триаминотринитробензол (ТАТБ)


Разработана и внедрена в промышленное производство на ФКП «БОЗ»
(г.Бийск) новая технология получения ТАТБ, обеспечивающая базу для создания
отечественных низкочувствительных боеприпасов. Проведена наработка 900 кг


По всем признакам такого даже в 41-ом не было, военные заводы РФ
загружены повально, работают в три смены, программы все под прочным
прикрытием секретности, исчезают ключевые люди под завесу, наружу
идет сплошная деза и чепуха.

Что-то будет.
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