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Разрушися Aд Горький


The first thing to notice with the slower and more solemn opener ‘Песнь 1’ (English: Song 1) is the production lack the punch of its predecessor. Being down to a one-man band the vocals and drums are clearly different, that was pretty much a given, it’s much harsher and the more ecclesiastical chanting vocals are greatly reduced, the drums lack the fullness. By ‘Song 2’ it becomes obvious intention is a much more of a classic Raw Black Metal feel to it.

However, after the slow start, it really does kick in raw angry vocals more to the fore in the sound than the chanting. From ‘Song 3’ onwards I found myself repeatedly saying with each track, ‘no this is my favourite’ as it goes from strength to strength. There’s some really potent stuff here. Compositionally it’s very much the same Batushka, but the execution sounds different, and not to its detriment if anything it adds to what Derph’s doing here, although it might appeal to some Batushka fans more than others.

Reqiuem is absolutely a worthy successor to Lityourgiya, a great listen even if superficially different from its predecessor.

Песнь 8 (Pesn' 8)

Устрашися всяк слух
Неизреченна Моя снизхождения,
Яко Вышний волею
Сниде даже и до плоти

От Девическаго чрева быв Человек,
Темже невернии, величаити

Имуще, мученицы Мои, непобедимую крепость, и неодолеемую,

Уничижисте мучителей безбожное веление
И Царствия Моего яве сподобистеся,
Просвещаеми Троичными зарями, достохвальнии.
Разрушися ад горький, разрушившу Я его

И воскресившу яже от века тамо спящия;
Но и ныне, яко благ, прешедшия Мне

Благоутробне, невечерняго света Моего сподоби.

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