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Genesis P-Orridge


In 1981, P-Orridge co-founded Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, an informal occult order influenced by chaos magic and experimental music. P-Orridge was often seen as the group's leader, but rejected that position, and left the group in 1991.


Potential TOPY members were encouraged to make magical sigils of a certain proscribed nature. These acts were to be performed on the 23rd hour (11:00pm) of the 23rd day of each month. If an individual chose to do so, they were invited to mail their sigils to a central location where the magical energy in them could be used to enhance others.

The reason for the use of the "TOPY cant", such as the spelling of "thee" and "ov" in the network's name, derives from the writings of Genesis P-Orridge, which advocate a deconstruction of "normal" or consensus modes of communication in order to achieve a more integrated understanding of the Self (a la the cutups of William S. Burroughs). The anonymity of individual members was frequently protected via the use of pseudonyms, often including the use of "Kali" for a female and "Eden" for a male member.

In 2008, some members of TOPY evolved into the Autonomous Individuals Network (AIN). Others continue to work as individual autonomous creators and practitioners in the realm of chaos magick. AIN was built on the foundations of the TOPY network and "all the history and knowledge that community has gathered since its creation in the 1980s"
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