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The Gains from Financial Inclusion: Theory and a Quantitative Assessment∗
Timothy Besley Konrad Burchardi Maitreesh Ghatak
LSE and CIFAR IIES, Stockholm LSE January 2, 2018

This paper calibrates a general equilibrium model with contracting frictions, where agents differ in entrepreneurial ability and wealth, to study the benefits of financial inclusion. Alongside frictions due to moral hazard and limited liability, we also vary market access. As a benchmark, we calibrate the model to US default probabilities and the firm-sizedistribution. Thecalibratedcounterfactualsthatwegenerateshowthatfinancial inclusionisquantitativelymuchmoreimportantthancontractingfriction

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Или какие еще эпитеты группа лжецов и завистников приложит?

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Потому что, “глядя из Лондона”. И в мусорном бачке, где ни толком равновесные условия
не определены как следует, ни контракты не выписаны как надо, полный короче бак
чистого мусора, а и соринки конечно никто не найдет.

Потому что,

Все профессоры, не нам чета...

We show that,whilesecond-best contracting frictions do affect the design of optimal credit contracts, losses in productivity and welfare are much smaller than those due to limited market access. This suggests that the priority for policy should be on extending the reach of the credit market rather than dealing with the more second-order losses from credit market imperfections.

This is consistent with the message of World Bank (2014)
and the empirical findings of studies such as Burgess and Pande (2005). This has a direct bearing on which forms of credit market interventions are likely to be most effective - microcredit, credit bureaus, property titling to facilitate collateralization of assets, expansion of bank branches, and mobile banking.

То есть, значит, если откровенный мусор, никуда не годная научная работа, но
ПОДТВЕРЖДАЮЩАЯ политику Всемирного Банка, то это хорошо есть, а если нечто политику
Всемирного Банка прямо и доказательно ОПРОВЕРГАЕТ, то такая наука никому не нужна, все верно.
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