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ты помнишь, как все начиналось.

Chinese satellite Tiangong-1 might fall on Thailand soon, ESA says

Tiangong-1 was launched in 2011 with the aim of being in operation until 2023,
however, in 2016, the ground command lost control over the space station after which,
it has missed several boosts which are given to maintain the right orbit
and prevent the space station from plummeting down the Earth.

Scientists at European Space Agency (ESA) predicted that
the now decommissioned Chinese space station, ‘Tiangong-1’
or ‘Heavenly Palace 1’ will crash on Earth somewhere on Thailand
with a probability of 0.1%.

ESA has been tracking the descent of China’s first space station
on which, the ground command lost control in 2016.
The 8-tonne module will be making an uncontrolled re-entry in April 2018.
Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency
has stated that the module is presently at 246 kilometers
from Earth and it will plummet to the surface on April 10
as per its descend rate is concerned.


Прямо точно как в 11-ом самозапустился в стратосферу по нарастающей,
и председатели федов пели осанну, и один проект хлеще другого, все сам себя
из подвала буквально выгрызая зубами решетку,
и чего только не было, абсолютный успех где никто не видел шансов,
до нобеля оставались сущие пустяки...

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