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Хосе и Лизо


Two lions survived a circus, only to be killed and mutilated in a sanctuary

Last year, the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary welcomed 33 new lions to its arid expanse in northern South Africa. The arrivals, all former circus performers in Peru and Colombia, had been flown across the globe to live out their lives in a habitat foreign to them but natural to their species. Among them were Jose and Liso, two middle-aged cats who were given a shared enclosure because they seemed to adore each other.

The pair’s refuge was short-lived. Last week, poachers breached fences and evaded armed guards, then fatally poisoned Jose and Liso, skinned them and removed their heads, tails and paws.

“These two animals, who suffered so much, had the good life snatched away from them,” said Tim Phillips, vice president of Animal Defenders International, the group that negotiated the release of all 33 lions and coordinated their flight to South Africa. “It’s an absolute tragedy.”

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Trump puts hold on this week's decision to again allow trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe

Все хотят трофеи с убитых львов и слонов, но никому не нужны тушки бегемотов.

С одной стороны крокодилов разводят ради мяса, но их численности это не угрожает,
в то время как для бегемотов единственное ограничение - это наличие теплой фекальной ванны.

Таким образом мы постепенно возвращаемся к главной теме, но предварительно еще немного

Дмитрий Вегас, лучший ди-джей в мире, истинно православный, куда там Мадонне с Ю-ту.
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