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who is in control?


A summer that seemed destined to be remembered for its magnificent solar eclipse had lurched suddenly toward the eve of destruction. And autumn hasn’t been much better.

So much has gone wrong so fast it’s fair to review the overlapping calamities:

In the span of two weeks, two major hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, hit the continental U.S., the first time two category 4 storms have ever done so in a single season. Then a third storm, Maria, clobbered the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, producing a level of misery that still may not have crested.
Mexico was shaken by two earthquakes 12 days apart that killed hundreds of people. The second occurred on the anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake that killed thousands. That quake had been commemorated, and a national earthquake drill held, just two hours before the ground again began to shake on Sept. 19.

There was an obvious answer — coincidence — and on one level, it was all explicable.

Storms? That’s why they call this hurricane season. And until 2017 it had been 12 years since any hurricane of such intensity made continental U.S. landfall.

Quakes? Mexico sits on unstable tectonic plates.

Fires? Forests have been burning in North America since before any civilization.

Korea? The Korean War never officially ended when hostilities ceased in 1953. Sabers have been rattling ever since.

As for Las Vegas, America since Columbine has repeatedly demonstrated what happens when a wealthy, historically violent nation with many angry, mentally disturbed residents has loose gun laws.

Some blamed global warming for the storms and the fires; some blamed Trump for Korea and the halting Puerto Rico relief effort.

Others saw a higher authority in control.


Как вы понимаете все эти ВНЕЗАПНЫЕ и НЕПРЕДСКАЗУЕМЫЕ аномалии были
уверенно определены тут с точностью до дней, что является ДВОЙНЫМ
подтверждением аутентичности природы аномалий.

Конечно можно задаться вопросом какого хрена Высший Авторитет
явил природу свою впервые тут, ничтожно жалкой группке читателей
потерявшего всякое чувство своего достоинства лузера поющего лазаря
который месяц, среди поклонников живущих чужой жизнью хлеще своей точно
подавляющей частью потомки хама, иуды и каина.
Ибо их царствие мира сего?
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