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This is the end


It's a scary time to be a private equity investor, with the market near its peak, high prices and expected lower returns, said speakers at this year's Pension Bridge Private Equity Exclusive conference.

Private equity might not be at its cyclical peak, "but it's at a pretty high point," Steven Kaplan told the crowd attending the conference in Chicago, July 24-25. Mr. Kaplan is the Neubauer Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The closer the private market is to the high side of the cycle, the less likely private equity funds will beat the stock market, he said; and private equity is closing in on the high side of its cycle. "I would be staying awake at night," he said.


Oil trader Andy Hall, known as ‘God,’ said to close main hedge fund

The capitulation of one of the best-known figures in the commodities industry comes after muted oil prices wrong-footed traders from Goldman Sachs Group (GS) to BP's in-house trading unit. Mr. Hall's flagship Astenbeck Master Commodities Fund II lost almost 30% through June, a separate person with knowledge of the matter said, asking not to be identified because the details are private.

"I'm shocked," said Danilo Onorino, a portfolio manager at Dogma Capital in Lugano, Switzerland. "This is the end of an era. He's one of the top oil traders ever.”


Что характерно, стоит буквально то же самое записать, тут же коллектив озабоченных козлачковых начнет изгаляться
на все буквы, им даже дважды два четыре повод для лжи и клеветы с доносами про расизм таких утверждений.

А между тем тут всегда только правда, ничего кроме правды, вполне причем публично допустимой правды в
нормальном обществе, где лжецы сидят в тюрьме за малейшие попытки опорочить.


All publicity is good publicity. Fame is a commodity that can be mined for fortune; it doesn’t matter how you get it as long as you get it. You can’t really punish someone like Shkreli by sending him to prison; that’s just more fuel for a book or a movie about his life. No, you punish him by starving him of the oxygen of publicity.

But that’s unlikely to happen. Shkreli is a pharma bro who astutely realized that modern society is afflicted with an addiction to entertainment. He diagnosed the condition and then he turned himself into a drug to help feed it. The media are hooked now, and it’s unlikely that this will be the last we hear about Shkreli
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