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Date: Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 9:07 AM
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I believe Putin's actions in Syria could force Obama to carry out the
Ukraine Freedom Act, as I argue in this Forbes piece. Can you get this
point to those who might have some lobbying power?


У "профессора" колумбийского университета Зарицкого нет ни одной научной публикации.
Почему же он профессор и "вхож" в силовое "стэнфордское" сообщество, раздувающее
одни гнусные и лживые статеечки в СМИ и наглухо закрывающие другие, правдивые и правильные?

Mr. Zvarych claimed to have a PhD and claimed to be a professor at both Columbia and NYU. He also claimed to have written his PhD thesis on the ethics of Plato. He did not even study in the program he claimed to be in. He studied for two years at SIPA and not in philosophy. He received no recognition from Columbia to having a Masters equivalent. There is no such thing.

Mr. Zvarych gave a speech at NYU in March 2005 at which he claimed to be in charge of fighting corruption within the Ukrainian government. He lied about his diplomas for over a month. He had Walter Zarycky write up all sorts of alibis.

His interviews in Ukraine at the time revealed that he was a pathological liar. He claimed to have won all sorts of sports awards in basketball and soccer, that he lived on Central Park West. Yet, he was a minister of justice allegedly standing for the rule of law.

бывш. министр юстиции Украины

В данный момент Роман Зварыч является одним из лидеров организации "Гражданский корпус Азова". Идеалогия организации - радикальный нацизм.
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